Program Overview

Under the direction of NITHA Medical Health Officer Dr. Nnamdi Ndubuka, the Public Health Unit (PHU) provides advice and expertise for various public health programs including population health assessment, disease surveillance, health promotion, health protection, and disease and injury prevention. PHU also provides direct assistance in the prevention and management of tuberculosis.

PHU is focussed on continuing the improvement of immunization rates within partner communities and development of immunization standards as part of the provincial-wide public health strategy. It is also continuing its work in implementing the TB High Incidence Strategy. Other priorities for the next fiscal year include establishing sentinel surveillance sites for antimicrobial resistance organisms, and expanding a Master of Public Health practicum student placement program as part of NITHA’s capacity-building initiative.

The PHU consists of a Medical Health Officer, Public Health Nurse, Epidemiologist, Tuberculosis Advisor, TB Nurse Advisor, TB Nurses, Communicable Disease Control Nurse, Infection Control Advisor, Environmental Health Advisor, and Health Promotion Advisor.


The programs within the Public Health Unit are:

Program Lead
Communicable Disease Control James Piad, CDC Nurse
Environmental Health Treena Cottingham, EHO Advisor
Epidemiology Emmanuel Dankwah
Health Promotion Kevin Mageto, Health Promotion Advisor
Infection, Prevention & Control Adeshola Abati, Infection Control Advisor
Immunization Sunshine Dreaver, Public Health Nurse
Medical Health Officer Dr. Nnamdi Ndubuka, MHO
Tuberculosis Tina Campbell
HIV Jessie Depeel, HIV Coordinator


For contact information, please visit our staff page.