About eHealth

Electronic Health (eHealth) is the use of Information Technology solutions to support the business of health care. Examples of eHealth solutions are:

  • Panorama, a web based immunization management database system
  • Telehealth and video conferencing for remote meetings, training and medical consults
  • Internet connectivity for research, email, and remote access
  • Microsoft Office for general business productivity

Northern Saskatchewan First Nations fit the profile to Telehealth and remote access to services. The following is an interactive map of the current telehealth sites:

Program Goals & Objectives

The main goal of eHealth is to modernize health information management practices by supporting the NITHA Partners with implementation of eHealth systems. The role of the eHealth Advisor is to:

  • Inform and consult with the Partners and Community First Nations on eHealth matters
  • Liaison with the RHAs, MoH, eHealth Saskatchewan, FNIH and other stakeholders
  • Develop strategic plans, implement and sustain eHealth systems
  • Address Information Governance issues including privacy compliance, OCAP and data sharing agreements develop standards and best practices for eHealth systems

The NITHA eHealth Working Group acts in an advisory capacity and makes recommendations to the NITHA Executive Council about eHealth issues and initiatives.

For contact information, please visit our staff page.