About Tobacco Control

Tobacco control is dedicated to addressing the misuse of commercial tobacco so as to reduce the public health issues it causes. Commercial tobacco misuse harms nearly every organ of the body and continues to be the leading cause of preventable diseases in our communities. It does not only affect the primary user but also non-users.

Program Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of Tobacco control is to address the commercial misuse of tobacco while being respectful of the traditional use of tobacco. While traditional tobacco is used for spiritual, cultural and ceremonial purposes, commercial tobacco is very harmful to our health. Specific objectives of the project include:

  • To conduct literature reviews and environmental scans to identify best practices on tobacco cessation strategies and current tobacco policies;
  • To develop and deliver comprehensive, culturally sensitive and effective tobacco reduction initiatives at a pace acceptable to our communities;
  • To promote the health of our communities by decreasing the prevalence of commercial tobacco smoking and smokeless tobacco use among all age groups, in particular among youth and pregnant women;
  • To decrease the uptake of smoking among youth;
  • To decrease the impacts of environmental tobacco smoke on the health of our community members;
  • To engage our community leadership in learning about, voicing opinions and supporting commercial tobacco reduction strategies.

A Smoking Mobile Cessation App has been developed to help smokers who want to quit.

For contact information, please visit our staff page.