Program Overview

The HIV burden in NITHA communities continues to increase, and in response to this the NITHA HIV Strategy 2015-2020 was developed. The HIV strategy coordinator coordinates the implementation of the NITHA HIV Strategy focusing on promotion of HIV knowledge and awareness, holistic care and support, prevention and harm reduction, surveillance and research.

Program Goals & Objectives:

To decrease the rates of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in NITHA partner communities. The role of the HIV Strategy Coordinator includes:

  • Act as a resource person to support a strategic approach to building capacity with respect to strategies that addresses HIV/AIDS and related conditions.
  • Work collaboratively with Partner HIV Strategy Coordinators, Saskatchewan HIV Collaborative, Regional Health Authorities and other stakeholders to implement the NITHA HIV Strategy.
  • Familiarize NITHA and partner organizations with the Saskatchewan HIV Strategy and identify relevant gaps and opportunities for strengthening NITHA’s participation.
  • Support contact investigation and case management.
  • Plan and deliver capacity building workshops (point-of-care testing, monitoring and evaluation) for member communities.

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