About Environmental Health

Environmental Health officers are responsible for carrying out inspections and monitoring for the prevention of public health and general safety hazards. Environmental Health Officers work with agencies, tribal councils, and individuals to reduce the risk of illness and injury from an environmental concern.

Examples of Environmental Health Programs are:

  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Housing Inspections
  • Food Facility Inspections
  • Sewage Disposal System Planning and Monitoring
  • Communicable Disease Outbreak Investigation
  • Food Safety Training

Program Goals & Objectives

The goal of the NITHA Environmental Health Advisor is to support the role of the Partners’ Environmental Health Officers as they work in the field and support Community Health Nurses with Rabies and enteric illness investigations. This is accomplished through the Public Health Working Group, as well as, individual requests from the Environmental Health Officers or Community Health Nurses.

Supports could include:

  • Keeping the Environmental Health Officers or Health Directors current on any upcoming issues or opportunities,
  • Creating educational materials,
  • Researching new trends and best practice in Environmental Health,
  • Assisting with data collection,
  • Assisting with evacuations,
  • Interpreting guidelines or legislation,
  • Developing policies and attending committee meetings to assist with Provincial or Federal initiatives.

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