About NITHA Nursing Program

The nursing program at NITHA brings leadership, innovation and vision to support and/or supplement the Partnership in the areas of Home Care, Community Health and Primary Care nursing programs. The program strives to foster a high standard of nursing within the Partnership by providing clinical, educational and policy support covering nursing practices.

The nurse manager is the accountable person – 24/7 on the front lines of care with patients and families, with staff and administration.

Program Goals & Objectives

  • Advocates for First Nations nursing issues to all levels of government, educational institutions and professional organizations.
  • Assists the development of policy, procedures and manuals to reflect established standards of nursing practice and remains current with new developments in nursing practice.
  • Coordinate centrally based orientation skills training (OST) sessions for newly hired primary care nurses within the Partnership and ensure compliance of the standards of the “Transfer of Medical Function”.
  • Supports clinical nurse practice by assisting Nurse Managers in the development and implementation of models of nursing service delivery within the Partnership
  • Coordinates and provides support to the Nursing Working Groups
  • Coordinates and or facilitates the delivery of recommended education and training programs.

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