About Human Resources

The Human Resources Advisor at NITHA works to support the NITHA Partnership to plan, implement, and operate human resource programs aimed at addressing Human Resource (HR) issues as a collaborative approach. This includes but is not limited to consultation, advice and the implementation of HR initiatives throughout the Partnership. Effective Human Resource Management (HRM) enables employees to contribute effectively and productively to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of the organization’s goals and objectives.

The HR Advisor deals with issues related to people such as recruitment and retention, compensation, performance management, organizational development, occupational health and safety, employee wellness, employee benefits, employee relations, communications, HR administration, and employee training and development. The HRM process at NITHA is the responsibility of the HR Advisor who is supported by the Personnel Finance Assistant.

Program Goals & Objectives

  • Strives to achieve and maintain a full complement of staff for continuity of business operations at NITHA.
  • To research HR best practices.
  • Engage the HR working group with Partnership members to identify shared strategic
  • HR goals and objectives and outstanding major HR issues.
  • Research, document, and implement successful recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Maintain HR Policies and Procedures that are in compliance with legislation.
  • To promote awareness of NITHA and its Partnerships services and job opportunities.

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