Healthy Dogs 4 Healthy Communities

When dogs are healthy the community is healthier physically (members are able to walk safely for exercise which improves health), mentally (physical exercise helps mental health and there are fewer arguments between community members/neighbors), financially (fewer unwanted animal pregnancies and injuries save community members vet bills and food costs, nurse are able to us their paid time to assist with vaccine clinics or other health promotion or life saving activities instead of being out trying to locate biting dogs).

Responsible ownership:

Owning a dog is a joy, a privilege, and a responsibility that brings us great rewards. Our dogs cannot speak for themselves so we take the responsibility as owners to care for them and provide support for them to live happy and healthy lives. In turn, the dogs provide us with companionship and become our family members.

Before deciding that a dog is right for you, ask yourself if you are ready for the costs associated with owning a dog as well as the emotional and time commitment owning a dog requires. Before getting a dog, consider the cost of dog food, supplies, annual vet costs, what you will do if your dog is injured or sick, how to prevent unwanted puppies, and a dog shelter.

Calling all NITHA Partner Community Members!

  • Do you treat your dog like a family member?
  • Do you like to win PRIZES?!!

If so, share a picture with NITHA of you taking care of your dog like a family member and your name will be entered to win one of 4 great animal care related prizes to share with your dog!

We are looking for high quality photos (no screenshots) that will make you
and your dog famous in upcoming social media campaigns showcasing dog bite prevention.


  • Bathing, Brushing or Trimming
  • Showing their comfy bed
  • Showing their clean well stocked feeding area
  • Playing catch
  • Showing their safe fenced outdoor yard area

Be sure to show yourself in the picture! **Please no pictures of your face or childrens’ face too close to the dogs face as that can be hazardous and actually cause a bite!

Contest starts November 1st, 2023 and ends December 15 at midnight!

Contest is open to all ages of NITHA Partner Community members. 

**Please ensure to include:

  • Name
  • Phone Number or email
  • Member Community
  • Brief description of the photo

email to:

The winning photos will be displayed on the NITHA website and on NITHA social media channels as well as printed materials, at the sole discretion of NITHA. NITHA will assume full ownership of the content.

Download a copy of the poster here.

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