Program Overview

The Medical Health Officer (MHO) provides guidance in the application of the Public Health Act, 1994, and other Regulations within NITHA partner communities. The MHO provides public health expertise to the NITHA partner communities in the areas of disease surveillance, communicable disease prevention and control, disease and injury prevention, community health assessment, health protection and health promotion.

A critical role of the MHO is to provide on-going collaboration and engagement with various stakeholders within a multi-jurisdictional environment. The MHO provides strategic direction, leadership, coordination of the NITHA Public health unit.

Key responsibilities of NITHA MHO

  1. Disease Surveillance- Monitoring the rates of communicable and non-communicable diseases; developing of relevant policies and procedures
  2. Public Health Consultation- providing appropriate consultation on public health issues to NITHA partner communities and other relevant agencies
  3. Health Promotion and Advocacy for Public Health Causes- Promoting good health and well-being among NITHA community residents
  4. Health Education- Providing in-service training of community health staff in regard to public health matters
  5. Environmental Health- Monitoring, providing consultations, on environmental health issues such as drinking water, animal bites, air quality, and food safety
  6. Planning and Evaluation- Supporting NITHA partners communities with community health planning and evaluations

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