Program Overview

The Administration Unit is responsible for the overall ongoing operations of the organization. It is comprised of the Executive Director, Executive Assistant, Finance Manager, Human Resource Advisor, the Personnel and Finance Assistant, and the Receptionist Office Assistant.

The administration staff works as a team to provide the following:

  • Keeping the leadership updated on the progress of programs and services that have been requested by the Partner;
  • Keeping accurate financial records and presenting quarterly financial statements to the leadership;
  • Implementing financial decisions following established policies;
  • Development and maintenance of financial and HR policies; and,
  • Recruitment and retention in the North.


The Administration Team is comprised of the following:

Position Employee
Executive Director Tara Campbell
Executive Assistant Dana Ross
Finance Manager Laurie McAdam
Human Resource Advisor Melvina Aubichon
Personnel Finance / Assistant Danielle MacDonald
Communications Officer Natasha Gillert
Receptionist Office Assistant Charity Fleury

The Human Resource Advisor coordinates a Human Resources Working Group comprised of representatives from the NITHA Partnership that are guided by a standard terms of reference.

For contact information, please visit our staff page.