Program Overview

The Health Informatics Specialist assists the NITHA Partnership with implementation and support of electronic health information systems by providing expert leadership, consultation and clinical assistance. The Health Informatics Specialist ensures these systems meet the clinical and technical business processes for which they were designed.

Program Goals and Objectives

Clinical and Health Services:

  • Apply knowledge of clinical and medical concepts, clinical care processes
  • Analyzing clinical workflows for the purpose optimizing value and use of health information systems and applications
  • Applying commonly used formats, structures and methods for recording and communicating clinical data and how these are incorporated into health systems and application use.
  • Fostering the adoption and appropriate use of health information systems in clinical settings.
  • Facilitating clinicians’ use of electronic decision support tools.
  • Promoting the need to balance the privacy of personal health information with improved care delivery and health system management.

System Maintenance & Support

  • Provide surveillance including assessment, correction, documentation and resolution of system errors and problems for users.
  • Provides training, guidance and advice to users and end-users of information technology system.

Communication and Teaching

  • Develop and deliver formal orientation and continuing education for the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Provide advanced EMR support of a clinical nature to the Nurses.

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