COVID-19 Vaccine

Indigenous leaders have been and continue to work closely with the Government of Canada to address COVID-19.  A number of priority groups have been identified, in part as a result of this work.  As vaccines become available, at-risk groups will be prioritized to receive the vaccines first as they roll out.  This is because there will be limited supply at the beginning.  Some Indigenous communities or members will be identified as being at increased risk, and among the first groups to receive the vaccines.  The vaccines will be free.

  • Several groups have been identified as priorities – i.e. those who will be vaccinated first. These include, among others:
    • Front-line healthcare workers
    • People living in long-term care facilities
    • Some adults in Indigenous communities
  • The COVID-19 vaccines will complement traditional approaches to protect our Elders and those most at risk.
  • Traditional healing and modern medicine can work hand in hand.
  • Indigenous traditions and knowledge systems are sources of strength, wisdom and guidance.

Vaccines are safe and will protect you, your family and your community

  • Vaccination is a personal choice. Public health experts agree it helps prevent serious disease.
  • Vaccines are safe. They protect you and those around you from preventable diseases.
  • National Indigenous organizations, some national Indigenous health organizations and Indigenous leaders have been involved in planning for COVID-19 vaccine distribution to Indigenous communities.

Why vaccinate against COVID-19

By getting a COVID-19 vaccine, you will be protected and will help prevent the spread of the virus to those who may be more likely to contract it, such as:

  • Elders and older adults
  • residents and staff of long-term care homes
  • people with certain medical conditions where infection could cause severe illness and death

As with any other communicable disease in First Nations communities in Saskatchewan, public health follow-up and management of COVID-19 cases and contacts is coordinated by Indigenous Services Canada for south and central First Nations communities and by the Northern Inter-tribal Health Authority (NITHA) for the northern First Nations communities.

The Government of Canada supports First Nations and Inuit communities in preparing for, monitoring and responding to COVID-19. For more information click here.

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