Communicable Diseases


Pamphlets & Factsheets

Chlamydia Pamphlet
Gonorrhea Pamphlet
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Pamphlet
Syphylis Pamplet
Invasive Group A Streptococcus (IGAS) Fact Sheet
Impetigo Fact Sheet


Public Health Agency Canada
Communicable Disease Manual
Sexual Health Information and pamphlets
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Sexually Transmitted Infection (PowerPoint Presentation, Private)

CDC Forms

Blood and Body Fluid Post Exposure Incident FORM (Private)
Chickenpox Contact List Form (Private)
Chickenpox Notification form NITHA June 9, 2016 (Private)
Hemophilus Influenzae Infection Notification Form (Private)
HIV Contact List Form 2016 REV (Private)
HIV Reporting Form 2012 (Private)
Influenza Notification form September14, 2017 (Private)
Invasive Group A Strep iGas Investigation Form (Private)
Invasive Group A Strep iGAS Notes (Private)
Invasive Group A Strep Form Gas Contact List (Private)
Invasive Strep Pneumo Notification Form NITHA September 14, 2017 (Private)
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus MRSA notification Form 2016 (Private)
Pertussis Contact List Form (Private)
Pertussis Notification Form September 15, 2017 (Private)
Sexually Transmitted Infections STI-Notification-Form-fillable 2016_NITHA (Private)
Vaccine Preventable Form May 2006 (Private)

CDC Guidelines and Manuals

Guidelines for the Management of Exposure to Blood and Bodily Fluids Prophylaxis (Private)
Sexual Health Program (Private)


Sexually Transmitted Infections - Powerpoint (Private)

Environmental Health


Forms and Templates

NITHA Animal Bite Investigation Form
NITHA Enteric Disease Investigation Form
Dog Bite Alert - Summer Dog Bite Avoidance (Private)
TEMPLATE - Notice to Owner or Responsible Person for a Dog/Dogs (Private)
NOTICE - To Owners of Biting Animals (Private)
Animal Control By-law Template (Final Oct. 27, 2014, Private)
TEMPLATE - Community Dog Book (Private)

Educational Material

Bat Prevention Fact Sheet
Bed Bug Fact Sheet
Campylobacteriosis Fact Sheet
Cleaning up after a forest fire
Clostridium Difficile Fact Sheet
Cockroaches Fact Sheet
Cryptosporidiosis Fact Sheet
E. Coli Fact Sheet
Food Safety During a Power Outage
Giardiasis Fact Sheet
Hantavirus Fact Sheet
Pediculosis (Lice)
Lyme Disease, Tick and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Fact Sheet
Tick Safety and Removal
Packaging An Animal for Rabies Testing: Dog
Rabies Fact Sheet
Preventing Dog Bites
Dog Bite Prevention-SPCA Tips
Septic Tank Maintenance
Ten Day Hold Dog - Poster
Cleaning Up After a Flood
Summer Food Safety Tips and Injury Prevention
Game Meat in Care Facilities Policy (private)

Web Links

Your Health Outdoors – What You Can Do Spring and Summer
Your Health at Home- What You Can Do
Hazardcheck-Hazards in Your Environment – What You Can Do
Is Your Home Healthy? – Easy Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Home

Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring

Health Status Report Chapter 1: Organizational Profile and Geography
Health Status Report Chapter 2: Population Profile
Health Status Report Chapter 3: Vital Statistics
Population Profile Infographic
Vital Statictics Infographic

Health Promotion


Cannabis and Pregnancy
Cannabis and Poisoning in Children
Talking Pot with Youth Resource

Educational Material

Safe Drinking Guidelines
Drug Abuse Poster
Northern Healthy Communities Partnership


Educational Material

HIV and AIDs in NITHA Summary Report for 2005-2015
HIV is different now - Get Tested (Poster)
Sk HIV Collaborative Work Plan - Summary - April 2017 FINAL
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Presentation


Aboriginal AIDS Awareness
AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan
All Nations Hope Network
Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN)
Canadian AIDS Society
Canadian Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (CANAC)
International AIDS Candlelight Memorial
CATIE (Canada's Source for HIV and Hep C Information)
Native Youth Sexual Health Network
Nine Circles Community Health Centre
Public Health Agency of Canada - HIV and AIDS
Saskatchewan HIV HCV Nursing Education Organization
SK HIV Collaborative
United Nations AIDS (UNAIDS) Strategy
World AIDS Day

Documents and Forms (Private)

NITHA HIV Workplan for 2017-2018
Application or Renewal for a Licence to Operate a Medical Laboratory - 2017 for NITHA
Harm Reduction Supplies Request Form
Hepatatis B and C Contact Form
Hepatitis B C and D Notification Form
HIV Contact List Form 2016 REV.pdf
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Presentation

Immunizations & Vaccines

Immunizations & Vaccines

2017-2018 Influenza Strategy
Provincial School Immunization Strategy

Forms (private)

Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) Form
Cold Chain Break Report Form (updated June 22, 2018 - .docx)
How to Complete CCB Form (update June 22, 2018 - .doc)
Vaccine Incident Report NITHA
Vaccine Order Form

Infection Control

Infection Control

NITHA Infection Prevention and Control Manual - Policies & Procedures
Infection Control Brochure
Form for Infection Outbreak (Private)
Procedures for accessing St. Elizabeth IPC Training Module (Private)


TB Survivor Stories

Black Lake Story 1
Black Lake Story 2
Black Lake Story 3
Clearwater Story 1
Clearwater Story 2
Clearwater Story 3
Dillon Story 1
Dillon Story 2
Dillon Story 3
Fond du Lac Story 1
Fond du Lac Story 2
Fond du Lac Story 3

TB Poster Set

Kidney & TB
TB & Smoking
TB & Cancer
TB & Diabetes
TB & Drugs or Alcohol
TB & Elders
TB & Medication
TB & Risk
TB & Symptoms
TB & You
World TB Day Infographic

TB High Risk Screening and Education Tools - Primary Care

Symptoms of TB
TB & Your Client: Diabetes
TB & Your Client: Elders
TB & Your Client: Alcohol and Drug Abuse
TB & Your Client: HIV
TB & Your Client: Parents with Young Children

TB High Risk Screening and Education Tools - Community Health

TB & Your Client: Diabetes
TB & Your Client: Elders
TB & Your Client: Alcohol and Drug Abuse
TB & Your Client: HIV
TB & Your Client: Parents with Young Children

TB High Risk Screening and Education Tools - Client Handouts

Symptoms of TB
TB and Your Child
TB & Me: Diabetes
TB & Me : Elders
TB & Me: Alcohol and Drug Abuse
TB & Me: HIV

Weblinks & Manuals

TB Prevention and Control Saskatchewan
Canadian TB Standards 7th Edition
Alberta Teaching TB in First Nations Communities