About Communicable Disease Control

A communicable disease is a disease caused by a germ which can be passed on to other people by a variety of means. The germ may spread rapidly and can possibly affect many people in the community in a short period of time. A timely response and intervention by the health agency is needed to control its further spread. Examples of communicable diseases are the sexually transmitted infections (STIs), hepatitis C, pertussis and influenza.

Figure 10. Number of reported chlamydia and gonorrhea cases, NITHA, 2012-2016

Figure 11. Number of reported chlamydia, gonorrhea and co-infection cases by age group, NITHA 2016

Figure 12. Number of newly diagnosed HIV, Hep B, Hep C and Syphilis, NITHA, 2012-2016

Figure 13. Comparison of Hep C, HIV and Syphilis cases by age group, NITHA, 2016

Figure 14. Number of new reported MRSA cases by year, NITHA, 2012-2016

Figure 15. Number of direct respiratory route and vaccine preventable CDs, NITHA, 2016

Program Goals & Objectives

The Communicable Disease Control (CDC) Nurse supports NITHA partners through timely reporting of communicable diseases and providing direct support to frontline health workers.

The CDC Nurse’s roles are to:

  • Coordinate and ensure the investigation and timely reporting of communicable diseases (CDs)
  • Follow up potential exposures to CDs of public health importance
  • Work with Community Nurses, Environmental Health Officers and CD Nurses at Regional Health Authorities
  • Act on CD notifications received from physicians’ offices, hospitals, nurses, the Saskatchewan Provincial Laboratories and Communicable Disease Control Nurses of Regional Health Authorities
  • Evaluate / refer CD list of contacts received from laboratories, physicians, nurses and Regional Communicable Disease nurses of Regional Health Authorities.
  • Inform the Medical Health Officer of any noticeable trend in reported CDs necessitating urgent action
  • Assist the Medical Health Officer in the investigation and management of outbreaks
  • Coordinate with other jurisdictions (e.g. Regional Health Authorities) to investigate communicable disease cases and following up contacts.

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