About Capacity Development

Capacity Development is an ongoing process of enabling individuals and organizations to obtain, strengthen and maintain their capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives. It requires three different perspectives:

  • Individual– the skills and knowledge vested in individuals, communities, and groups. In this area, NITHA seeks to develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies of individual healthcare workers and the capacities of the communities to respond to the needs of their communities
  • Organization– the internal policies, systems and strategies that enable an organization to operate and to achieve its goals. In this area, NITHA seeks to develop management, leadership, and organizational knowledge, skills, and capacities in ways that embed First Nations culture, values, and knowledg
  • Enabling Environment– The work in this area involves ensuring capacity development is culturally sensitive and empowering. It also involves nurturing the broader society’s understanding of First Nations culture, values, and knowledge and the contributions those have to health and well-being. As such, the work is grounded in the Sacred Medicine Wheel and involves working closely with First Nations Elders.

Program Goals and Objectives

The activities of the NITHA Capacity Development Advisor include:

  • Creating formal and informal opportunities for individuals and groups of First Nations Health Workers in the NITHA Partnership to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Supporting activities that creates a more representative workforce
  • Promoting culturally sensitive care in ways that creates cultural safety for the clients we serve
  • Providing opportunities for Healthcare Worker upskilling and training
  • Helping individuals build and develop their credentials while they work by using innovative and creative methods including distance learning technologies
  • Increasing the retention of staff in Northern First Nations communities by providing chances for growth and development

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